Chelsea Filipi

Co-Founder, Avec un Oeuf
Houston, Texas

Who is Chelsea Filipi?

Chelsea is the co-founder of Avec Un Oeuf. 
She studied Public Relations and French Language, working in the fashion and apparel industry. She studied abroad at L’Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, France. 
However, she always had a pull to France and always knew she wanted to start her own business, so she too achieved her MBA from University of Houston. 

Avec un Oeuf?

Travel designers specialize in the amazingly diverse country of France! 

For Who? 

Travelers and lovers of French Culture.

Why Avec Un Oeuf?

They want you to experience France, and they are going to make that really easy and personalized for your life, because nobody should spend a week of their precious down-time just to research their vacation. Did you know it takes an average of 40 hours to plan an international getaway? It’s even more challenging when you don’t know the local language or the local culture. That’s where they come in! 


– Different levels of services and itineraries offered
– Personally get to know you and how you like to travel
– Use their French travel expertise and relationships they’ve built with French locals through the years 
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