We support corporations by providing:
– Marketing/Advertising Tools
– Speaking Opportunities
– B to C development Support
– Networking Events


we provide different ranges of HR services for supporting you in your expansion. 

we provide recruiting assistance at a competitive market rate. According to a strong & various network in Houston and HR partners, we are proud to offer an efficient service match. 
We help you through an HR process, to define a candidates-sourcing strategy and with the support of our experts we are able to give advises to the company and also the job seeker.


The V.I.E Program enables French companies to send a young person between 18 and 28 years of age on an assignment abroad (here in Houston) for a flexible period ranging from 6 to 18 months. It is open to French candidates, and to people from the European Economic Area (EEA).
The program appeals to strongly motivated young people such as recent graduates from Engineering or Business Schools, with professional experience and usually with an international profile.

What are the benefits of the program for your company?
• A turnkey solution to your HR needs
• Fiscal incentives & subsidies
• Flexible
• High-profile young professionals


We value our members and want them to be seen on the Houston, Texas and international economic market.  Corporations benefit of an exceptional exposure on our website, newsletters and during our events by having their logo featured.  We also give you the possibility to “buy” space on our website to highlight your company’s services/products. 
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The FACC is always having events thanks to its committees such as the Innovation committee, the Energy Committee or thanks to the training programs we offer to individuals.
We believe the knowledge of our corporate members is valuable and irreplaceable. That’s why we offer you the possibility to be a speaker on the subjects you are an expert on.
Contact us at contact@facchouston.org



The FACC Houston developed a rich and valuable network through companies of all sizes in the Houston area and around Texas. One of our missions is to help you connect with key actors of your industry to allow you all to thrive. We will define with you a personalized support aligned with your goals and your target. 


We created platforms where pairs of the same position could meet, discuss and innovate in their sectors with the CFO connect and HR connect. Those platforms are accessible to a very few to make them more powerful and useful for high-level executives.


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