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Create success for your company by having privileged access to experts and an exclusive customized program.

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  • Innovation Club
  • High Level Coaching
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Innovation Forum

This forum is a space where industry leaders can share their projections for the future of their business and industry. Engage with high-profile experts and innovative start-ups; these group meetings will give the insight needed to handle the ever-changing business climate.

Innovation Club = One of the benefits of the FACC Houston membership!

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Entrepreneur Program

Build and scale your business

The program combines lectures, workshops, coaching, events, and networking to provide you with the best tools to create or develop a start-up. The program also connects you with experts and potential talents for your future endeavors.

Who can benefit from this program?

  • Entrepreneurs who are in the idea phase or who would like to consolidate the business
  • Company: A great option for your employees’ spouses who want to create their own business.

Program content:

  1. Entrepreneur’s Testimonials
  2. Workshop: Build your own business model canvas
  3. Banking, Payroll, and Insurance
  4. Taxes/CPA, Legal, and Immigration
  5. Resources & Networking in Houston
  6. Managing credit for Business Success
  7. Funding your Business
  8. How to pitch
  9. Entrepreneurs Awards
  10. 1 event (FUN Nights)

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High Level Coaching

If you have a business and need to brainstorm about your current challenges or your strategic vision, FACC Houston is on your side to get you through this step.

The FACC makes the first step in discovering your needs and then engages with mentors to help you reach your full potential. Professional mentors and/or mentors with specific industry knowledge provide the support you need.

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Meet the FACC Expert

Meet the Expert is a FACC event not to be missed. In each session, an expert provides insights of his/her knowledge and expertise through a different theme (investment management and taxes, retreats, digital strategy, point of sale implementation, etc.).

A very good sharing moment!

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Speed Mentoring

Sharing knowledge and learning from experts are great ways to advance on a project.

Participating in this event gives you the opportunity to meet mentors that can help you thrive in your business.

We offer several rounds that allow members the chance to meet many professionals in an allotted amount of time

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