February 24, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Culinary Le Notre
7070 Allensby Street Houston TX 77022

Meet the FACC Expert: navigating optimally the financial markets & tax US Maze in 2018

Aymeric Martinoia, Managing Principal VIE Invest
John Hauser, Director of Strategic Planning VIE Invest
Phil Simoens, CPA Snyder Simoens, LLP
Dan SnyderCPA & Attorney Snyder Simoens, LLP

This conference will be providing an overview on two important subjects:
1/ How to create your financial life plan that is consistent with reality and maximizes your desires by exploiting all possibilities.
– The broad spectrum of financial investments available in the US to build your optimal personalized and uncorrelated investment portfolio with your right risk/reward profile.
– Fiduciary vs suitability standards and the DOL rule; how it directly affects your financial advisors’ recommendation and your account.

2/ Understanding your US filing obligations as an expatriate and making sense of the new US tax reform
– US tax rules applicable and US tax filing obligations for expatriates and US residents.
– Salient information and planning opportunities after the recent US tax reform.