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– training programs
– networking opportunities
– job search service


Carreer boost service
Don’t have a job? Just arrived in Houston? You need career advices and getting ahead in your career? Your spouse or kids need a job? Or just want to change your job? FACC helps you throughout your expedition to land at your dream job with a personalized training career. a HR coach will help  you find the perfect way to boost your career in Houston and Texas according to your skills, wishes. He will give you all the tips to succeed with your job research : 

  • Job tips from a recruiter who knows all the secrets when it comes to hiring
  • Cover Letter and Resume building
  • Elevator Pitch & Networking Resources
  • Interview Training 
  • Understanding&Negotiating a US Compensation Package


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With more than 50 events a year, you will find the one to spark your interest! To join get your membership

Example of events series:

Innovation Forum led by experts who talk on a different topic for each edition. You will be able to learn, grow and apply the knowledge recived to your field.
FUN Nights, a global speaker series where stories of failed businesses/projects are told, questioned while mingling and drinking! 
Young Professionals Meetups created by YP for YP. A friendly moment sharing around a happy hour.
Art Of Business Luncheon to learn about the links between art and business around a nice meal. A unique opportunity to discover various profiles such as painters, writers or violinists.s.


You would like to stand out on a competitive labor market? You would like to perform your job even better? Or you just would like to become more knowledgeable on a specific subject? That’s why FACC Houston organize training programs on:

  • Technical skills such as Customer Relations Development, Data Management, Accounting Tools, Data Analytics, Programming, Website Design…
  • Soft skills such as Communication skills, Leadership skills, Problem Solving skills…

We also appreciate any other ideas on training that you would be interested in! 


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