Welcome to Pierre Puget, new deputy head and proviseur.

The French economy is well represented in Texas with major French companies having established their US headquarters here (Total, Air Liquide, Vallourec, and Engie to name a few). With over 60,000 employees, French companies are the second largest foreign employer in Texas. However, opportunities for French entrepreneurs and companies in Texas are still underestimated back in France.

Originally from Corsica, Mr. Puget has had a versatile, international career working as a Mechanical Engineering instructor, French Navy instructor, and Head of School for three academic institutions. Mr. Puget’s perspective provides a fresh outlook on Awty’s interculturality and educational system.

“It was an easy decision to come to one of the best schools in the world,” Mr. Puget said. 

“In January, I took a tour with some student ambassadors. One is talking to me in French, the other in Spanish, another in English, and they say they’re working on Korean, Russian, and Dutch. It was clear they wanted to be multilingual. We are all different; we are all in the same school, in the same family. For me, that’s our big strength: our school’s family spirit.”

Despite Awty’s two programs (French and International), Mr. Puget felt a strong sense of united community, especially now that Awty has made strides toward its one-school initiative. “I’m a part of this adventure to build that one school” stated Mr. Puget. ‘We are the only school in North America, in the world, with these two programs in that kind of one-school situation. It was really important to me to be a part of this adventure.”


Part of the adventure has included the BAC’s recent reform to include more flexibility. There are fewer exams, and the three streams of Literature, Social Sciences, and Science have been eliminated. Before their final year, students will choose two majors and two minors. The final BAC grade will not be fully dependent on exams, but will also incorporate academic results from their last two years in high school. “It’s going to be easier for students to choose the way they want to study because it’s more open,” added Mr. Puget. “It will allow students to have more choice and will allow us to be closer with the two programs.”

Mr. Puget believes Awty’s BAC, IB, and French Ministry accreditations serve as the perfect basis to build and improve upon the school’s educational system. In 2019, 100% of Awty graduates passed the BAC, and 94% passed the IB. By taking advantage of this combination, Mr. Puget hopes to select valuable aspects from each program and create an ideal model unique to Awty’s diverse student body and interdisciplinary framework.

From Mr. Puget’s newcomer perspective, it is clear Awty’s cultivation of culture and education encompasses the school’s spirit. With many factors that distinguish Awty from other schools (diversity, rigorous academic programs, and celebrated traditions), Awty truly stands out. The welcoming atmosphere brings together students from around the globe and sends them out to change the world, carrying the spirit of Awty with them.

More information: www.awty.org

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