RedEye is an Australian scale-up, making waves in the global asset management space with cloud and web SaaS solutions, RedEyeDMS and RedEyeWFM.

In 2012, the founders of RedEye were working as engineers on a mining site in Queensland, Australia.

They faced a problem that frustrates engineers around the globe: they couldn’t find or validate the correct data to complete work.

Proprietary software restrictions, technological constraints, antiquated process and legacy licensing agreements made it nearly impossible for asset owners and operators to collaborate with a “single-source of truth”.

This sparked the idea for the world’s first purpose-built cloud-based drawing management solution for asset Operations & Maintenance. RedEyeDMS was developed with their first client, global resources company BHP Billiton, providing control and visibility over their engineering data and drawings to improve safety and productivity.

In 2015, the world’s largest asset owner, Macquarie Capital, invested $4M in RedEye’s growth. Backed by an amazing team of investors, partners, and clients around the world, RedEye has gone from local to global, and start-up to scale up.

RedEye clients include Snowy Hydro, BHP, Alinta Energy, SA Power Networks, Transurban, Queensland Children’s Hospital, New Plymouth District Council, as well as Southern Nevada Water Authority, which controls the Hoover Dam. Together with their clients, RedEye manage over $200 billion of the world’s assets.

Shaun joined RedEye in 2018 to lead the North American Energy expansion and set up a Houston office. For over a decade he has been working to bring innovation to the industry, having worked with companies such as Devon, TECO, BHP, Hess and Accenture. While in an innovation role at BHP in 2015, Shaun worked on a “Connected Operations” project where he piloted the use of new innovations to redesign traditional processes for field operations and engineering.

RedEye was one of those tools. After a few years of setting up a global PMO and IT consulting, Shaun was excited by the opportunity to join RedEye full-time and lead their energy practice in North America.

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