A brief overview by Henri De Finance.

The food industry in Houston is moving fast: what are the trends for today and tomorrow?  

The East and West Coast duality is often referred to as the two unique influencers of the new trends, but don’t you think the South, and Houston in particular, have a major role to play in this area? 

With more than 70 culinary nationalities and 10,000 restaurants, Houston has all the assets to become a world capital of Food Industry. Can you imagine… looking at the Houston population compared to the number of restaurants, almost all of the city can sit at the same time for dinner! But what do we want on our plate?

As Director of Operations of a bakery chain in New York, I was able to observe the trends and developments of this industry. First of all, consumers are constantly looking for new taste experiences and are more demanding and concerned to know what they’re eating. Is such a pastry or bread good for their health, low in sugar, rich in proteins and fibers, vegan or gluten free? Then Bakery & Coffee shops are also adopting an eco-friendly approach by reducing paper and plastic consumables among other initiatives. Adopting green practices can also have a positive effect on customer satisfaction! And finally, these businesses are socially committed to supporting local actions in areas as diverse as health, the environment, education, etc …

Having freshly arrived in Houston with my family, one trend has particularly attracted my attention: more quality, less quantity! I like to remember the following anecdote: I was in a bakery witnessing a customer biting into a croissant, telling the barista: “Oh my God, it’s awesome, incredible, you made my day.” I understood at this minute that with quality you are offering much more than satiety! This quality mindset follows other current trends: promoting local industry in the supply of raw materials, tracking the quality of the ingredients, developing a qualified workforce and know-how, and most importantly offering customer experience. New stores in Houston are taking this quality direction; let’s promote the amazing job they are doing!

Henri de Finance has optimized operations in various businesses over his 12-year career by developing sales, managing production, and controlling costs to continually build profitable organizations.

His last experience as As Director of Operations with Choc O Pain Bakery & Café in New York City led him to create his own food industry consulting company, H Consulting, specializing in operations services.

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