By Sébastien Ramuscello.

The wine market and wine industry are growing exponentially in Texas along with a flourishing restaurant and food endeavor.

In Houston, for instance, the culinary scene has been fueled by a great level of eclecticism and diversity in the population (Houston is ethnically very cosmopolitan), attracting great wine professionals and Chefs from all over the U.S and the world to implement wine programs and menus that have been held in the highest regards and rewarded with nationally recognized awards.

French wines are a big part and have always had a big  presence in the market with internationally recognized regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne to cite the most notorious. We have already seen however, a growing interest in less recognizable, but equally fascinating wine regions such as the Loire Valley, Jura, Savoie and Roussillon, just to mention a few. There is a definite generational shift in the approach to buying and making wine. The new trends lean towards more artisanal, smaller productions with a concerted effort in implementing sustainable farming without  the use of any synthetic products while intervening less in the cellar with chemicals and additives, in essence a more natural approach.

We are in the midst of exciting growth and substantial changes in the wine industry, facing challenges that are multi faceted. Climate change has had a big impact in the approach in terms of agriculture and adjustments that need to be made along the way. The latest economical challenge has been the recent application of high import tariffs on French wines to the U.S market that has created a good level of anxiety and skepticism on many levels in the industry.

The Texas Wine Valley

When you hear the words “wine country”, you might immediately think of California. However, Texas has its own reputable wine country as well!

In the heart of Texas, in Hill Country, you can find over 50 wineries that make up the Texas Wine Valley. Spanning an area over Fredericksburg, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas Wine Valley has enough space for both the grazing cattle iconic to the region, and for the best wineries Texas has to offer. The beautiful countryside covers an area that exceeds 9,000,000 acres.

The Texas Hill Country Wineries is a group of wineries that have come together to ensure that both visitors and the wineries themselves have a great experience. Established in 1999, the group began with 8 and has slowly grown to over 50 wineries in Texas Hill Country. They have created 5 wine trails, guaranteeing an amazing wine tasting experience.

Today, visitors can visit 4 of the trails: Wine Lovers Celebration, Wine & Wildflower Journey, Texas Wine Month Passport, and the Christmas Wine Affair. So how does one get to enjoy the fruits of Texas Wine Valley?

If you live outside of Texas, the first thing is to get on a plane to Austin, Texas. Once in Austin, rent a car (or take your own) and start planning your trip. Look at wineries closest to you or with your favorite wines or follow a pre-planned trail. Mark them on a map and get driving! If you are coming as a family, do not worry. Certain wineries are kid-friendly, including but not limited to: Messina Hof Hill Country, Sister Creek Vineyards, and Blue Lotus Winery.

The Texas Wine Valley is another feature that makes Texas so great, so make sure to add it to your bucket list. Before you know, Texas wines will rival those of California and maybe even France!

Sébastien Ramuscello

Sebastien Ramuscello works with Serendipity Wines, which represents wines from around the USA and the world and distributes them to specialty markets, wine shops and restaurants throughout Texas.
We emphasize terroir-based wines that reflect the winemaker’s dedication to quality and uniqueness, chosen with care from the old world and the new.  Serendipity Wines’ vision is to build a business that allows our customers, suppliers and employees to explore cultures, share stories and better connect through a thoughtfully curated portfolio of wines and spirits from across the globe.

Serendipity cultivates and maintains lasting partnerships by providing an elevated customer service experience. We are dedicated to bringing the world closer by delivering great terroir to your table.

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