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Start in Texas & U.S.

Set Up your business in Texas
Find your office/store/warehouse
Business address
Mentoring Support

Human Resources

Talent Recruitment
Job Search Program
V.I.E Program
Portage Salarial

Expatriation Support 
Train your Team


Business Development

Find new clients & partners in Texas and in the U.S
Sales representative to increase your revenues

Promote Business

Marketing, Communication & Events:
Market research / Sourcing / Digital Marketing / Brand marketing / Events organization

Start in Texas & U.S.

Set up your business in Texas and u.s.

Start or implement your business in one of the best ecosystems in the USA.
We help you by making your entrepreneurial project easier to launch.

+ Experienced team
+ Diverse industries in our network (energy, medical, retail, etc.)
+ High-level networking
+ Be guided – don’t waste time and money

– Learning expeditions & business tours to assess the local market
– Meetings with key contacts (lawyer, bank, accounting, peers, etc.)
– Implementation support
– Business plan & business model to build a reliable project and convince customers, investors, or suppliers.

Find your office/store/warehouse

Find the place that meets your needs!
Location can play a major role to develop your business and can be a time consuming process.
We help you set the criteria for choosing the best location and we introduce you to the right real estate professionals.
We can also temporarily host your business in our office, the hub of tech companies, located in downtown.

+ We help you prioritize, define your budget, your space requirements and your location preferences before you start searching.
+ The FACC has a strong network of real estate professionals that keep the FACC team informed on the local market and opportunities.

– Warehouse
– Retail store
– Administrative office
– Production center

Business Address

Making a favorable impression is important for your business and lease physical addresses which can be used as your official company address.

+ Image & credibility
+ Easy to communicate with officials, partners and clients
+ May required for opening a U.S. bank account, marketing purposes and government paperwork

Mentoring support

This program offers to entrepreneurs an opportunity to work one-on-one with a local expert (business manager, senior executive, etc.). The mentor will provide insight, motivation, feedback and guidance. The relationship is focus on supporting the development and the growth of the mentee.

+ Trust & confidence
+ Exchange ideas & experiences
+ Interaction & develop hidden potential of the entrepreneur

Human Resources
talent recruitment 

Save time when hiring employees & talent for your organization.
The FACC selects candidates, using the strong experience of our HR team and board of Directors.
We support you in any scope of work:
* Full-time position: to expand your team
* Short-term tasks: to build a pool of experts for one-off tasks
* Recurring projects: for a go-to team with specialized skills

+ The FACC leverages its network to attract candidates and increase sourcing
+ Save time & drive down costs, meet only the best candidates
+ Short-term tasks

– Creation of the job description
– First selection by call Interview to select the best candidates and provide you a short list proposal
– Recommendation on the compensation package


Looking for a job or new opportunities? FACC Houston is here to help you in your career journey via 3 options.
Option 1: Submit your resume
Option 2: Become a member and showcase your profile to our network
Option 3: Tailor-made program and coaching to reach the next level in your career.

Examples of program:
– Orientation/ Assessment session & career planning
– Cover letter & resume building
– LinkedIn profile & prospection of target companies
– Interview training & networking resources
– Understanding & negotiating a US compensation package
– Follow-up coaching

More details

V.I.E Program: Hire a Young Professional

The Volontariat International en Entreprise (V.I.E), created in 2000, allows companies based in France to send a young professional between the ages of 18 and 28 on an assignment abroad to help grow the company.
The FACC Houston is offering to host your company in accordance with the regulations on hosting, lodging, coaching, and supervision of the V.I.E during its assignment.

+ Simplicity: paperwork managed by Business France
+ Competitiveness: lower cost for your company & financial benefits
+ Flexibility
+ Qualitative: pool of qualified candidates

– Develop your brand in the United States 
– Create partnerships with key players in the oil & gas industry in Houston

portage salarial

FACC offers a powerful tool to work in foreign countries without administrative contraints!
We take care of the administrative, legal and financial procedures.
+ We pay the salary to the staff and all the expenses mentioned in the contract.
+ We can help your staff (expert/consultant) to prepare his mission
+ All procedures are simplified
+ Costs optimized


Facilitate the expatriation of your employees with our Expatriate Spouse Career Program.
A unique program to lead them to success, coached by our career experts.

+ Tailor-made program
+ High quality coaching by experts
+ Makes the expat assignment easier
+ Connection with decision-makers and employers
+ Strong network of major industries in Houston

– Orientation/ Assessment session & career planning
– Cover letter & resume building
– LinkedIn profile & prospection of target companies
– Interview training & networking resources
– Understanding & negotiating a US compensation package
– Follow-up coaching

train your team

We offer on-site workshops dedicated to your company at a time suited to your schedule.
If you prefer, we can also organize your workshop at our office in Station Houston, hub of tech companies in downtown.

+ Professional coaches
+ Tailored workshops (format, topics, etc.)
+ Flexibility & convenience
+ Team development & employee productivity

– Leadership & decision making:
– Set goals with OKR
– Empower and engage your team with a bottom-up approach


Business Development

Find new clients, partners, investors

The FACC schedules business meetings to allow you to find potential customers, providers and/or partners.
You will meet the right targets and people from your industry to accelerate your growth in the Houston area.

+ Powerful network of high level executives in your industry
+ Easily Access key contacts

– Meet buyers to present your product or service
– Find the right partners to manufacture your product
– Test & validate your project to potential customers

Sales representative to increase your revenues

Open an office, hire people or send team members is a very sexy option but the cost can be prohibitive.
The first step and one of the safest strategy to expand your business internationally or on new market is to work with a sales representative.

+ The chamber will test out the new market with your product or service and you will be ready to-go-to market.
+ FACCH is an established organization with a strong expertise and a high level network.
+ Low cost and high reward first step

Marketing, Communication & Events

Gain visibility and benefit from our wide range of advertising tools to reach new key business players in Houston and increase your exposure:
* Market research & sourcing
* Digital marketing: emailing, website, social media
* Brand marketing & marketing materials
* Events: hackathon, conferences, showcasing

+ Experienced marketing team with more than 50 events a year with +10,000 attendees, creation of magazines, etc.
+ Marketing emailing: qualified database of +9,000 contacts in Texas

– Events: organize a Hackathon, a creative problem solving to boost your project.
– Marketing Supports: create or improve your brand visibility thanks to material supports: brochure, banners, sales support material, business cards, catalogs.
– Market Research: Develop a new service in Houston and capture meaningful and insightful data to launch your project.

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